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This service is designed to give you a quick update about things happening in the Joomla! world in whatever format works best for you - Podcast, Blog, or Email Newsletter.

Each issue will include news about what's happening in the 'official' Joomla! world as well as the latest news from extension developers and the 'movers & shakers' in the Joomla! world. We'll also let you know about Joomla! events - in-person or virtual. And of course, we'll keep you updated on the latest developments of the latest Joomla release.

And if you have Joomla! news that you think would be of interest to others, you can share it with us for our team to review and possibly include.

Just a reminder that and our sponsors and partners are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla Project. Any products and services provided through are not supported or warrantied by The Joomla! project or Open Source Matters, Inc.

You can use these updates the way that works best for your daily flow; however, we suggest that you subscribe and listen to our weekly podcast. That will allow you to hear what's going on in just a few minutes. If you hear something that sounds of interest to you, then you can check out the links to learn more in the podcast show notes, the online blog, or you can subscribe to our weekly email newsletter and have all those links just sitting there each week when the podcast comes out.

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